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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Very Best Political System

A Look at the Failure of the Two Party Political System: Why I Want a Woman President in 2020
Super powers such as the United States have for a long time invested a lot of faith in the two-party system. It is yet to be demonstrated in any of these countries however that this party system is indeed the best. Leaders are still exhibiting serious loopholes in their leadership skills, multi-party system or not. They simply lack apt leadership skills. Political analysts often put down third world countries and place clear demarcations that suggest better leadership skills in developed countries as opposed to their counterparts. Such theories are however losing credibility very fast, it turns out that even developed countries are lacking in impressive goal driven leadership. So what really is the evidence of this unfortunate lack of leadership acumen? Well, factors such as providing efficient healthcare, listening to the voice of reason from the majority, providing equal opportunities for all parties and stakeholders to be heard and addressing major social agendas are taking a backseat in most countries the world over. The irony of all this is that it is these factors that truly bring about change.

Minority and Majority Conflict of Interest
A recent survey of political affiliations in the United States revealed rather interestingly that only ten percent of the population represented the extremists (republicans and democrats) each in equal percentage. The remaining ninety percent represented the moderates and the independents yet it is still the minority class that says what goes. It would benefit the country and the world at large if such a minority ruling class actually made decisions that effectively handled crucial humanitarian, financial and political issues. It is indeed high time the world got a taste of what real change and real leadership is like.
One may wonder why the independents are continually fed ineffective ideologies and reform agendas that work against them yet they keep accepting the same. Well the truth is that the resources needed to turn such ideologies around such as money and power lie solely in the destructive hands of the leadership regime. The ongoing campaigns for the presidential elections already have dangerous signals that point towards nothing but more propaganda. A look at many countries will indicate that such political parties have been in the game for years and they constantly win because they have the money and the following they need. The question of multi or single party state therefore does not arise. Poor leadership is rife in both situations. Democracy as was once demonstrated by countries such as the United States was once a beacon of hope for developing and undeveloped countries but its advent brought with it little if any change at all.

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