Monday, April 2, 2012

Should Our Colleges and Universities Be Monitored for Political Bias, Disallowed Funding - Of Course

If a nonprofit organization is receiving government funding then (generally speaking) it isn't suppose to promote religion. If a religious school exists it cannot be a publicly funded school. If a think tank becomes too political, it will lose its tax-exempt status. We have all sorts of rules for such things. Now then, I am upset because the taxpayers supplement, or even fund in many cases various colleges and universities. However these universities are generally left-leaning, and they are promoting things like socialism, and therefore they are educating most of their students and our children to vote for Democrats.

I do not find that fair to me as a taxpayer, I don't think it's right, and I dare to ask the question; should our colleges and universities be monitored for political bias> I believe the answer is yes, and if we find them to be politically bias, which it is obvious that they are, then we should hold back funding. If that means we have to close every university in the country, then we should do it. People can watch video lectures online for a semester or two until they have on-going education classes so the professors can learn what political bias means, and what it is, apparently they don't get it yet.
We need to send a message to academia that they are not to engage in political brainwashing, and this continued push towards socialism in the United States.

Just because academia thinks are smarter than everyone else, which I assure you they aren't. And even if they have a good many smart people, it's because smart people are attracted to academia, because they find themselves excelling there. The reality is that smart people will succeed anywhere, and we all share the same genes, we are all of the same families and background. I would submit to you that I know entrepreneurs which perhaps didn't finish college that are as smart, or smarter than any academic I've ever met in my life - and trust me running a think tank, I know far too many.

For a group of professors to stand on their pedestal and preach politics from their soapbox while hiding behind their credentials in academia is utterly ridiculous, totally unfortunate, and at this point it has become unacceptable. We do not have higher education to breed more Democrat voters. Any political idea must stand on its own, it must be questioned, and it must be debated, all sides should have a say. If you go to college, and you utter conservative values, you will see a difference in your grades.

At some point, America needs to admit that this is a problem, and we need to stop the political persuasion, manipulation, and brainwashing in today's colleges and universities. If we don't, and this is where I'm going to throw little fear into the mix here to light a fire under your butt; if we don't do something about this now, we will turn our economy to mush, and our country into a socialist declining state.
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