Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Obama World

Ever since Obama took the office of President it seems as if he is trying to change America into a super Obama World where he is king and we are his subjects.
If you take a long look at his campaign speeches and all the fabulous promises that he made that he was going to implement "if" elected. There were 514 in total. How many has he kept? 2.
Let's take a look at his record since in office. He has passed his first stimulus bill that was $850 billion and never read not one single page. Not long after he signed the omnibus bill, behind closed doors" I might add. Once again never reading one page of what he was signing. This is leading to a super Obama world with guess who at the helm?
He fires the CEO of GM. Maybe he needed to be fired but that sure is not the business of the President's. Not only that but in this super Obama world the government is backing the warranties for GM vehicles. ??? (Nationalized Auto System)
By all means lets not for get the $170 Billion that was given to AIG because they were too big to fail. NO business is too big to fail. But, lets give all the failing banks and institutions money then we can tell them what to do and how to do it. (Nationalized Banking System)
Not to mention the fact that he wants to Nationalize Health Care! England has told us repeatedly NOT to take that route. The reason for this is that in terminal cases when treatment is needed to keep someone alive the government plays god and has the power to chose whether or not a person lives or dies. Do you actually want Obama choosing your fate? This becomes the decision of the super Obama world and you have NO decision about it what so ever. Is this the change you were hoping for when you voted him in?
When he visited Europe all he did was apologize for America, that offended me because according to history if no the Americans they would more than likely be under German rule today. He dissed America everywhere he went. Then to put the icing on the cake, he bowed down to the Saudi king. That was a slap in every Americans face.
The new super Obama world is going to be the end of America that we know. We have over 5.7 million people out of work and now he wants to grant citizenship to over 12 million illegal immigrants. He is stacking the deck for his Super Obama World.
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