It's Time To Demand Some Straight Talk From The Obama Administration

It's Time To Demand Some Straight Talk From The Obama Administration
Will Obama's supporters show up again in mass to vote for his reelection? They might, or they might just stay home having felt burned, lied to, or felt the brunt of political propaganda and miss direction. After all, I highly don't those young voters feel this is the change they'd hoped for moving forward in their lives. We were promised so much by Barack Obama, I guess no one should be surprised that the smoke has cleared and all that remains are tiny little transparent Plexiglas mirrors that the wizard occasionally reads from.

It's as if America now realizes that a college education isn't what their kids need, they merely need to go to "teleprompter school" to succeed in life. Now then, back to my last question, will Obama's former supporters now burned fall for the same fancy talk once again, all that political branding, and social networking 140 character bites and pieces of podium pushing propaganda? Will the democrats show up in mass for a failed president, the one, they feel has lied to them? It's hard to say, he did fool "most of the people most of the time," during the last election, so will they show up at the polls again for him this time?
Well, perhaps so, and yet, I see a lot of lethargic behavior towards the Obama Administration's performance wherever I go and no one, including his former star supporters, is really thrilled with the job they've done, or touting their "saviors" ability to bring America to greatness, quite the opposite, actually. If things do not change, I bet a lot of Obama supporters won't even vote, not the droves they did last time.

However, if Obama supporters think they might lose those free benefits, such as food stamps, they might vote out of fear, which is a reality that I think was subliminally conveyed by the Romney Campaign. Still, in politics anything can happen, and something always does before the big elections. So, I wonder what the October surprise will bring this time around?
Plus, I'd like to see a better accounting and audit of the CBO's figures on the economy, ObamaCare, Medicare, Tuition defaults, GM, DOE guaranteed loans, Iran's nukes, America's underfunded pension disaster. You know things of this nature - are we willing to ask those questions and then demand an immediate response, not a concocted "beat around the bush" road show teleprompter speech? Seriously.
One should be asking what the heck is going on with the Obama Administration - it's not my fault they are totally unfit to lead, I am just writing this article to get you to ask these questions, because until now, we haven't heard Obama's plan to fix our country, and everything he's tried has failed miserably. As a former business person, that's when you have to let the person go, and get someone else to steer the ship. Please consider all this and think on it.


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