Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will My Boss Get Mad At Me If I Support Obama?

Will My Boss Get Mad At Me If I Support Obama?
The other day, I was talking to a fellow entrepreneur about politics and the challenges with class warfare. We also discussed the anti-capitalism crosstalk coming from our current political leadership. It seems as if this attitude has now encompassed all levels of our society. He told me that he was starting a new company, and he interviewed several people, and one gentleman had an incredible resume, but he also had a political sticker on his car. My acquaintance was ready to hire the applicant, but chose not to do so.
Okay so, this brings up a very interesting question, namely, is supporting a failing Obama Administration advantageous to your career path. At one point it seemed as if those that supported the previous administration lacked upward mobility, not that the former president was a bad president mind you, just that the media's perception had changed and along with it, the minds of a good number of Americans.

If someone is a strong supporter of the Obama Administration then they perhaps also support the Affordable Health Care Act. If a small business entrepreneur is forced to participate in that program it could easily cost them $4500 more per employee. In many cases that would be enough to drive them out of business. If an employee supports such policies which can drive an entrepreneur out of business, then why should that entrepreneur support those employees with paychecks which in essence will be used against them if they donate to that particular political campaign? He shouldn't.
Do I fault my acquaintance for his mindset? No, I don't fault him, and although one could also make the case that if someone supports such poor management at the executive branch of our government, then maybe they should not be trusted with making legitimate decisions in a business, as businesses need to make a profit to survive.

Perhaps you might think this is too harsh, and that since we allow free speech in our country, an employer should not make that a qualification in the hiring or firing of a given employee. Whereas in spirit I agree with you, I dismiss that argument because there is no sense in supporting a part of the population which is working to undermine the free-market system putting companies out of business.
Are you beginning to see how the Obama Administration has totally divided our country? The reality is I am speaking from the heart. I truly believe that what's going on isn't right for America. I understand why my entrepreneurial friend is so upset. He is wondering if he will be in business next year. That is when and if he does launch a new business, one which could inevitably provide well over 50 new jobs.

Therefore, I don't blame him one bit for his decision. It makes perfect sense to me. If you are an Obama supporter perhaps you shouldn't tell your boss. I personally wouldn't tell anybody, as it could become a negative issue for your career path and future. Please consider all this and think on it.
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