The Future Political Career and Presidency of Hilary Clinton Considered

The Future Political Career and Presidency of Hilary Clinton Considered
If you will recall, the last time Hilary Clinton ran for president, they said she didn't have enough global diplomacy experience. Well, she sure as hell does now right? Could she be considered the Democratic presidential nominee in the future? Sure she could be although she is also getting older each year. Now then consider this scenario; Romney gets elected and beats Obama in this November 2012 election, then he fixes the economy and we have a robust recovery. If so, surely he would be reelected in 2016 adding another four years.

If that happens Hilary Clinton might be considered too old to be our first woman president, and thus would not be elected even if she is qualified and liked by the majority of Democrats. The reason I put forth this issue, is that as Secretary of State, she inadvertently took herself out of the running to challenge President Obama for the nomination, which she might have actually won, although it would have totally split (temporarily) the Democratic Party.

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on October 25, 2012 titled; "For Clinton as a Top Diplomat Tumultuous Closing Chapter," by Monica Langley. It makes one really think about how the Benghazi Libya attack might get pinned on her, thus after the election she might be asked to resign by President Obama, but if he does that he could find himself with few supporters as the Republicans pursue "impeachment proceedings" and they have plenty of cause to do so on any number of fronts including the Benghazi Libya embassy incident and widespread cover up.

In that case Hilary will be asked to testify about the Benghazi Libya and if she'd been asked to resign or fired, she will spill the beans on what really happened, and not be willing to go down with Obama's ship and administration. Meaning, if Obama wins reelection and is impeached and thrown out of office like Richard Nixon then she will challenge Joe Biden in 2016 and she'll beat him in the Democratic Primaries for the nomination, and then go up against a republican nominee.

If the economy has recovered by then the Democrats may have the synergy to take it again, especially at the rate they've been buying votes through socialist style give-away programs by the federal government. If Romney does win this election, then Hilary Clinton will most likely never become the US President in my political estimation. So, the new world order will have to wait for decades into the future. For the US, that's probably a good thing, as Centralized Global Control, unless of course we are running it, wouldn't be so good for freedom, liberty, or humanity. Please consider all this and think on it.


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